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Mosconi Cup Hits The Mark: Wilson

Mark Wilson is the new Team USA Coach. What new changes are in store?

Whats wrong with so many pool streams? Mr. Bond gets on the soap box. Johnny Archer talks about Mark Wilson, passion and play. Mark ‘ The Oracle’ Cantrill connects us to all things pool. Mike Howerton speaks with Larry Chiborak about Bonus Ball and the future.

Show Features: David “Mr. Bond”, Mike Howerton, Larry Chiborak, Mark Cantrill, Johnny Archer, “JT” Tarantola, Tony Robles, John Lavin, Mary Ann Starkey, and instructional tips by Scott Lee and Randy Goettlicher.

Running Time 1:31

Who says pool isn’t cool? Run a rack and tell me how easy it is!

Episode 23 (Ralf Souquet and Johnny Archer)

Ralf Souquet talks about his recent win at the Damas World 8-Ball Championship as well as his cool demeanor at the table.

Johnny Archer talks about his recent hot-streak and how he has made it happen.

Episode 1 (Johnny Archer and Allison Fisher)

Johnny Archer talks about the new baby, the new pool room and how much he likes to lose.

Allison Fisher talks about the asian invasion, instruction and those race to 7 television matches.