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Team USA Itching To Win

This week we chat with two more Team USA members about their pre-game training; Mr. Dennis Hatch and Sky Woodward. Alison Fischer is on the scene at the Accustats – Make it Happen event and catches up with Bob Maidhof, owner of the famous Drexeline Billiards.

A Wolf on the Prowl

Tonight join us for a chat with the upcoming pool animal Shane Wolford, on the heels of his 5th junior title win in 7 years. Can you hear the howl? Alison Fischer updates us live from New York at the WPS event with press agent Ted Lerner.

Running Time: 39:23






The Skinny on Slim

Join us this week for a chat with long-time goodwill ambassador and HOF nominee, “Okinawa Slim“. Melinda Bailey joins us for a discussion of self-awareness and mistake diagnosis. Meanwhile, SBE rages forth.

Running Time: 50:10






Coast To Coast Action

From Rhode Island to Wisconsin to Louisiana to California, the heart of American pool is beating strong and loud. Tonight we hook up with Ed Liddawi and Alison Fischer for an update on the East coast action, with Daniel Busch giving us a run-down of the West coast hot spots. We’ll also be joined by Jeff “Sully” Sullivan and his wife Ileana for the inside scoop on the star-studded inaugural Scotty Townsend Memorial Tournament that will be firing up on Monday.

Running Time: 42:47






Lady’s Night

Join us for a chat with two new members of the American Billiard Radio team: Representing our country’s thriving female player contingency, and located in two of the strongest pool scenes in the U.S., please welcome back Allison Fischer of New York City, and give a warm welcome to Melinda Bailey down in the great state of Texas.  

Running Time: 29:35






Character Building Zone Ahead

Our future champions of America are working their way through the ranks as they prepare for the Atlantic Challenge Cup  – the ultimate proving ground for juniors. Join us for a chat with two of our aspiring titlists: April Larson and Chris Robinson. Alison Fischer catches up with Jerry Tarantola and Karla Mera to talk about his upcoming web series, and to reflect on the legacy of Barry Behrman. Scott Lee and Randy G. talk about the SPF method.

Show Features: April Larson, Chris Robinson, Jerry Tarantola, Karla Mera, Alison Fischer, David “Mr. Bond”, Mark Cantrill, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 1:28






Welcome To 2016

Tonight Mark Cantrill and Mr. Bond kick off the new year with a discussion of current events, and the potential line-up of Mosconi Cup ranking events in 2016. Alison Fischer chats with Ed Liddawi, owner of Sandcastle Billiards about the pool business, and his upcoming Duel of the Dames event. Mr. Bond also shares chapter 3 of The Fabulous Ponzi.

Show Features: Ed Liddawi, Alison Fischer, Mark Cantrill, David “Mr. Bond”.

Running Time 57:15






Mr. Jones, Mr. Dempsey, and the Fabulous Mr. Ponzi

Join us for a chat with 7-time former TEAM USA member Jeremy Jones as we discuss this year’s Mosconi Cup results. Alison speaks with the Predator Tour winner Stephen Dempsey and Mr. Bond shares the first chapter of the autobiography of Andrew Ponzi, 3-time world pocket billiard champion.

Show Features: Stephen Dempsey, Tony Robles, Alison Fischer, Jeremy Jones, David “Mr. Bond”

Running Time: 57:00






Monsters In The Making

Mr. Bond offers up some general game news of the week. Alison Fischer speaks with an upcoming monster player, 15yr old Thomas Rice who completed an undefeated victory at the Gotham City Classic. Alison also chats with author and instructor Phil Capelle about his new book and what it has to offer. Mary Ann Starkey talks with Frank Haines of Lacy’s Cue in Cajun country. Scott Lee and Randy G. explain how to play without thinking about playing.

Show Features: Thomas Rice, Phil Capelle, David “Mr. Bond”, Alison Fischer, Mary Ann Starkey, Frank Haines, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 1:05

Catching Up: The Action Report And Bensinger’s

Tonight Mr. Bond catches up with the man behind The Action Report, Mr. Justin Collett, about his past, his present, and the future, including some “behind the scenes” info about the new Perfect Practice II video featuring Darren Appleton. Alison Fischer chats with the photographer Helaine Garren about her forthcoming collection of work shot entirely at the infamous Bensinger’s pool hall of Chicago.

Show Features: Justin Collett, David “Mr. Bond”, Helaine Garren, Alison Fischer, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 1:10