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The Old School and The New School

“Old school” players Johnny Archer and Rodney Morris have a humorous chat about their upcoming scotch-doubles match against the “young guns” Justin Bergman and Sky Woodward. Find out why the match is so important to them, and who exactly should be wearing diapers. “New school” players from Team USA – Nick Evans and April Larson talk about the upcoming Atlantic Challenge Cup, the difficulties that lie ahead, and what they can bring to the table.

Show Features: Nick Evans, David “Mr. Bond”, April Larson, Alison Fischer, Johnny Archer, Rodney Morris, Mark Cantrill, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 1:19

Reality Sets In

Tonight we hear from the senior producer of a new reality TV project called “The Ultimate Pool Sharks”, who is hosting an official ” audition” tournament in Atlanta this weekend. We’ll also get a little behind the scenes info (and a general discussion) about the new TruTv series “The Hustlers” from Alison Fischer in NYC who was on the scene during the taping of some of the episodes, joined by Mark Cantrill and Mr. Bond.

Show Features: Alison Fischer, J.P., Mark Cantrill, David “Mr. Bond”, Scott Lee and Randy G.

Running Time: 1:06

Mark vs Marcus

Team USA coach Mark Wilson has something new to keep him up at night – Team Europe has armed themselves with a new coach, Marcus Chamat, who is well qualified to fit the bill. Will he make a difference? Join us tonight as Mark Cantrill chats with the new coach about the large shoes he has to fill. And speaking of Europe vs USA, Mr. Bond talks with Samm Diep of the Billiard Education Foundation about the process of selecting 6 qualified juniors to represent the U.S. in the new Atlantic Challenge Cup. Alison catches up with Brandon Shuff at the SBE about his recent Maryland 9ball title win and his new approach to the game. Scott Lee and Randy G discuss the ins-and-outs of all the aiming methods out there.

Show Features: Marcus Chamat, Mark Cantrill, Samm Diep, David “Mr. Bond”, Brandon Shuff, Alison Fischer, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 53 Mins

U.S. Open Redux

Tonight we get to hear some candid commentary from Barry Behrman about the U.S. Open and it’s friends and foes. Listener discretion is advised. Female champion Jennifer Barretta discusses being elected to represent the “west” in the Queen’s Cup competition, and the stark contrast of playing before an audience of appreciative pool fans. Scott Lee and Randy G. talk about the most common cue handling mistakes.

Show Features: Jennifer Barretta, Barry Behrman, Mark Cantrill, Alison Fischer, David “Mr. Bond”, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 1:22

It’s Pool Season

Tonight we hear from the Music City Open tournament director Steve McDonald about what’s happening in Nashville. Alison speaks with John Morra about his fate at the recent Turning Stone event and his upcoming exhibition match. Mark Cantrill speaks with both Chris Bartram and Jonathan Pinegar (” Hennessee “) about their upcoming money match.

Show Features: John Morra, Steve McDonald, Chris Bartram, Jonathan Pinegar, Alison Fischer, David “Mr. Bond”, Mark Cantrill, Mary Ann Starkey, Scott Lee, Randy G., Colin Brandt, and a special report featuring Barry Behrman.

Running Time 1:16

Happy Holidays

From all of us, to all of you, have a Merry Christmas and a great new year too!

Show Features: David “Mr. Bond”, Mark Cantrill, Mike Howerton, Jerry Forsyth, Alison Fischer, Mary Ann Starkey, Rick Bryant, Angel Levine, Daniel Busch, Dennis Walsh, Doug Gordon, Ian Brock, Mark Wilson, Randy G., Scott Lee, Will Prout.

Running Time: 8:13

Mosconi Cup Discussion

Mike Howerton, Mark Cantrill and Mr. Bond discuss the Mosconi Cup and what went wrong…

Alison talks with female contender Yomaylin Feliz who will be playing in the new Dragon Promotions event.

Show Features: Mark Cantrill, David “Mr. Bond”, Mike Howerton, Alison Fischer, Yomaylin Feliz, Scott Lee and Randy G.

Running time: 1:17

Turkey Day Talk

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving Day everyone – and best of luck to Team USA at this year’s Mosconi Cup tournament. The countdown has begun!

Show features: Mark Cantrill, David “Mr. Bond”, Mary Ann Starkey, Alison Fischer

Running Time: 22 Mins.

New Table New Blood

Matchroom announces the U.S. referee for the Mosconi Cup this year. Find out who it is as Mark Cantrill chats with him about ref duties and more. Mr. Bond gets some answers from designer Colin Tury, about the new Brunswick GC VI table. Mike Howerton gives us a live update from the U.S. Open in VA. Alison and JT discuss the Predator tour and the U.S. Open.

Show Features: Mark Cantrill, Ken Shuman, Colin Tury, David “Mr. Bond”, Mary Ann Starkey, Andy Craney, Alison Fischer, Jerry Tarantola, Mike Howerton.

Running Time: 1:47

Time spent playing is time spent exercising your mind 🙂

Outside Looking In

Those of you in the Phoenix, AZ area will recognize Bruce St. James from his KTAR news radio show and racing career. Listen in as Mark Cantrill gets a view of the pool world from an outsiders perspective. What do they think of us? Mr. Bond talks with Ian Brock about his revolutionary scoring app that can keep track of an entire league system, including handicaps, score keeping and tabulation, even time keeping, with the touch of a finger.  Alison Fischer and Jerry T discuss the recent and upcoming events taking place in the New York City area, and speak about their coverage of pool on NYCgrind.com. Scott Lee and Randy G. discuss red lights and green lights ….is it christmas already?

Show Features: Bruce St. James, Mark Cantrill, Ian Brock, David “Mr. Bond”, Alison Fischer, Jerry Tarantola, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 1:36