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All Killer, No Filler

Mark Cantrill and Mr. Bond talk with the upcoming monster Sky Woodward who just snapped off an undefeated win against Shane et al at the Smokin Aces tourney. Mike Howerton chats with Rachel Lang, the junior monster who is planning to attend the junior world competition in China. Alison Fischer speaks with German master Ralph Eckert about his career and his new training app. Rick Bryant brings us another great Q-talk segment with OB Cues co-founder Royce Bunnell.

Show Features: Royce Bunnell, Rick Bryant, Ralph Eckert, Alison Fischer, Rachel Lang, Mike Howerton, Mary Ann Starkey, Ali Alashi, Scott Lee, Randy G., Mark Cantrill, Skyler Woodward, David “Mr. Bond”.

Running Time: 1:38

Want to be a pro? Practice till you fall asleep, and then practice some more.

Rempe and Behrman Share The Love

Alison Fischer caught up with Jim Rempe at his 14.1 HOF induction at Steinway Billiards in NYC. Mark Cantrill goes in-depth with U.S. Open promoter Barry Berhman. Mr. Bond makes a surprising announcement about the Brunswick corporation.

Show Features: Jim Rempe, Alison Fischer, Barry Behrman, Mark Cantrill, David “Mr. Bond”, Mary Ann Starkey, Clyde Nooris, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 1:30

Who says you can’t play ball in the house? Rack em’ up !

Champions He and She

Alison Fischer chats with WPBA founder and women’s pool icon Billie Billing about her start in pool, her career and the speedbumps along the way. Mark Cantrill talks with Nick Varner about his previous experience as Mosconi Cup team captain and the history of his cue business. David “Mr. Bond” updates us on the latest national news and Scott Lee teams up with Randy G. to explain “choking” your shot.

Show Features: Billie Billing, Alison Fischer, Nick Varner, Mark Cantrill, Scott Lee, Randy G., David “Mr. Bond”

Running Time: 58 mins.

Your official online radio show of the 2014 partypoker.com Mosconi Cup tournament.

Meet America’s Largest League

David “Mr. Bond” rambles about the president playing pool and chats with Jason Bowman, National Marketing Director of the APA, America’s largest pool league, about their history, their present and their future. Alison Fischer chats with Dawn Hopkins about her Tri-State tour, her pro career and her future endeavors.

Show Features: Jason Bowman, Dawn Hopkins, David “Mr. Bond”, Alison Fischer, Scott Lee and Randy G.

Running Time: 59 mins

Let’s see Obama vs Blair in a race to 11 !

Future Champions Made Here

Mark Cantrill chats with Mark Griffin and Ozzy Reynolds of CSI about the Mosconi Cup contenders and the CSI Invitationals. David “Mr. Bond” speaks with three-time Junior National champion April Larson. Alison Fischer and Jerry T. talk about current events happening around New York, including the upcoming Tri-State Tour Invitational, and also talk about giving pool players a channel to share their stories.

Show Features: Mark Griffin, Ozzy Reynolds, Mark Cantrill, April Larson, David “Mr. Bond”, Alison Fischer, Jerry Tarantola, Mary Ann Starkey, Sheri Dadian, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time:  1:35

Happy Birthday U.S.A. !!

Old Friends and New Champions

Mark Cantrill and David “Mr. Bond” discuss Freddy Bentivegna with old school player Keith McCready. Mike talks to Erik Hjorleifson about the state of pool in Canada and his new instructional series of articles online. Alison speaks with Sean “Alaska” Morgan about his career and recent 2nd place finish in the NYC championship.

Show Features: Keith McCready, Mark Cantrill, David “Mr. Bond”, Mike Howerton, Erik Hjorleifson, Alison Fischer, Mary Ann Starkey, Greg Kingsbury, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time 1:21

It’s hot outside. Grab a cold beverage and rack up a game, the lawn can wait!

Team USA Profile #7 Justin Bergman

Mark talks with Justin Bergman about his potential for the Mosconi Cup team. Mike chats with Mike Zuglan about his career playing pool and the Joss Tour. Mr. Bond speaks with Steve Anderson about the status of the USBA. Alison and Jerry discuss the upcoming events in NYC and some new NYC Grind adventures in video.

Show Features: Justin Bergman, Mark Cantrill, Mike Zuglan, Mike Howerton, Joe Young, Mary Ann Starkey, Steve Anderson, David “Mr. Bond”, Jerry Tarantola, Alison Fischer, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 1:41

All the world’s a table, and we are merely players!

Team USA Profile #5 – Shuff

Mark talks with Mosconi Cup candidate Brandon Shuff about his place on the team. Mike chats with Florian Kohler about living in Vegas and how his trick shot artistry videos came about. Alison speaks with Robb about his Texas Tornado win and why pool is a good thing to be involved with as opposed to other things. Scott and Randy talk about The Beard’s new book. Mary Ann visits Cajun country with Chris Miller.

Show Features: Robb Saez, Alison Fischer, Brandon Shuff, Mark Cantrill, Florian Kohler, Mike Howerton, David “Mr. Bond”, Chris Miller, Mary Ann Starkey, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 1:18

Play Pool – because a bad day on the table is better than a good day at work !

Team USA Profile #2 – Schmidt

Tonight we talk with Mosconi Cup team candidate John Schmidt about what makes him a good pick, and why the “pressure” of Blackpool England will be a good thing. Alison catches part of Freddy the Beard’s book release party in NYC on tape. Mr. Bond announces two new features coming up on ABR. Stay tuned for further details.  Scott and Randy discuss The Break and why it’s the same as, and different than, any other shot made in pool. Mary Ann Starkey talks with Mikey McKuin, owner of Smokin Aces, where Justin Bergman just snapped one off at their 9ball open.

Show features: John Schmidt, Mark Cantrill, Mary Ann Starkey, Mikey McKuin, Freddy “The Beard” Bentivegna, Alison Fischer, David “Mr. Bond”, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 1:06

Pool is timeless, genderless, and is enjoyed equally by Kings and paupers. Pool is everyone’s game.

Team USA Profile #1 – Dominguez

This week begins a series of interviews with the 8 Mosconi Cup team candidates. Tonight we talk with Oscar Dominguez about who he is and why he deserves to be on Team USA. Alison Fischer chats with Cat Adami, a daughter of pool hustler Freddy The Beard, about marketing his book and his persona. Mike Howerton speaks with Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) executive Samm Vidal about their activities and upcoming events. Mr. Bond declares April to be “Alfredo DeÖro Awareness Month” [ ADAM}

Show Features: Oscar Dominguez, Mark Cantrill, Cat Adami, Alison Fischer, Samm Vidal, David ” Mr. Bond”, Scott Lee and Randy G.

Running Time: 1:18

New Pool Table: $5000, Fancy Cue: $3000, Pool Lessons: $1000, Teaching your kid to run out: priceless.