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The Ladies In Louisiana & The Fourteen Candidates

We talk to Dean Roeseler from the WPBA about their plans for the rest of 2018 and then we talk to Luke Riches from Matchroom Multi Sport about the US Open and the list of candidates for the Mosconi Cup’s Team USA

Show Features: Mike Howerton, Dean Roeseler, Luke Riches

Running Time: 1:00:20

WPBA: http://www.wpba.com

Matchroom Ruffles Eagle Feathers

Join us this week for a chat with Mike Howerton of AZ Billiards and Luke Riches of Matchroom Sport as they discuss the latest hot-button-topic: Team USA’s new coach and this year’s (new) player selection process.

Running Time: 47:54






Matchroom Ramps Up

Tonight Mark Cantrill chats with Luke Riches of Matchroom Sport about various topics including the upcoming World Cup of Pool, The Mosconi Cup, and the success of the points system for Team USA.

Show Features: Luke Riches, Mark Cantrill, David “Mr. Bond”, Scott Lee and Randy G.

Running Time: 46 mins






Mosconi Cup Modus

Mark Cantrill (and Mike Howerton) speaks with Luke Riches of Matchroom Sports about their new points system for qualifying the U.S. Mosconi Cup team members, and also discuss some questions on the subject submitted by AZB patrons. Rick Bryant chats with Pat Diveney about his cue making career. Scott Lee and Randy G discuss how to draw the ball effectively.

Show Features: Luke Riches, Mark Cantrill, Mike Howerton, David “Mr. Bond”, Rick Bryant, Pat Diveney, Scott Lee and Randy G.

Running Time: 1:02

Special Report: Mosconi Cup Ticket Sales

Breaking News On Mosconi Cup Details and Ticket Sales

Matchroom Sports Media Director Luke Riches speaks with Mark Cantrill to offer up some insight on changes to the Mosconi Cup Tournament this year, as well as some time sensitive advice on how to get tickets before it’s too late. GO USA!

Running Time: 38:13