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Character Building Zone Ahead

Our future champions of America are working their way through the ranks as they prepare for the Atlantic Challenge Cup  – the ultimate proving ground for juniors. Join us for a chat with two of our aspiring titlists: April Larson and Chris Robinson. Alison Fischer catches up with Jerry Tarantola and Karla Mera to talk about his upcoming web series, and to reflect on the legacy of Barry Behrman. Scott Lee and Randy G. talk about the SPF method.

Show Features: April Larson, Chris Robinson, Jerry Tarantola, Karla Mera, Alison Fischer, David “Mr. Bond”, Mark Cantrill, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 1:28






Rodney “The Rocket” Mosconi Cup Quest

Tonight we chat with former TEAM USA member Rodney Morris about this year’s run for a Mosconi Cup spot and his thoughts on the unusual 4-pocket table challenge between Earl Strickland and Darren Appleton. Scott Lee and Randy G. discuss video analysis of your stroke.

Show Features: Rodney Morris, Mark Cantrill, David “Mr. Bond”, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 41mins






Barry Behrman Memorial

This week we honor Mr. Barry Behrman, keeper of the U.S. Open for 4 decades. Join us for a chat with his son, his daughter and Pat Flemming, about the future of Barry’s famous event. Mark Cantrill discusses his new and improved Legends and Champions Tour with Darren Appleton and Johnny Archer. Mr. Bond announces a new and improved Chicago Billiard Museum.

Show Features: Shannon Behrman Paschall, Brady Behrman, Mike Howerton, Mark Cantrill, Pat Flemming, David “Mr. Bond”, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 1:16






Show Me The Money

Tonight we chat with “The Black Widow” aka Jeanette Lee about the upcoming training camp taking place at her home with the Atlantic Challenge Cup team members. Go Team USA. Mark Cantrill speaks with Daniel Busch and David “Mr. Bond” about paying players for appearing on a live streamed match. Scott Lee and Randy G discuss cue tips.

Show Features: Jeanette Lee, Daniel Busch, Mark Cantrill, David “Mr. Bond”, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 1:33






Mike and J.P.’s Excellent Adventure

Mike Howerton shares some tales of his travels to the Far East. Fast Lenny presents details of the Wyoming Open, featuring the specialty game “Saratoga”. Former collegiate champion Raymond Linares shares his passion for pool with the world via his new website.

Show Features: ‘Fast Lenny’ Marshall, Raymond Linares, Mike Howerton, Mark Cantrill, David ‘Mr. Bond’.

Running Time: 1:32






A Season of Rebirth

As if the pool industry itself had just emerged from a wintery sleep, we find ourselves in the midst of a very busy 2016 pool calendar, chock full of new or emerging events. We also find new generations of players with more interest and opportunities for advancement than in recent times. Enter Matthew Webber, a 15 year old recent convert of cue sports who is taking the internet by storm with his trick shot routines. (and naturally he is the house champion) Tonight we chat with Mr. Webber about what makes him tick, and what makes him tock.

Show Features: Matthew Webber, David “Mr. Bond”, Mark Cantrill

Running Time: 27: 17






A Great Day For The Irish

2016 is a good year for pool with 4 “new” events added to the calendar. Join us for a chat with pool veteran Jerry Forsyth as he describes the new WPA World 8Ball event slated for later this year. Don’t forget to visit our new ABR gift shop

Show Features: Jerry Forsyth, Mark Cantrill, David “Mr. Bond”

Running Time: 45:51






The Ever-Changing Landscape

This week Mark Cantrill spent some time chatting with up-and-coming Sneaky Pete Mafia founder Garret Troop about their plans, hopes and aspirations in the pool world. Mr. Bond shares chapter 7 of The Fabulous Mr. Ponzi.

Show Features: Garret Troop, Mark Cantrill, David “Mr. Bond”

Running Time: 59:48






Oscar Winning Tournament

Join us tonight for a chat with Oscar Dominguez, the winner of the Jay Swanson memorial, who is also off to a great start in the Mosconi Cup points race. Mark Cantrill and Mr. Bond find some humor in Johnny Archer’s snow storm adventure.

Show Features: Oscar Dominguez, Mark Cantrill, David “Mr. Bond”.

Running Time: 47:43






Winds of Change

Join us as the NAPT stamps their name at the top of a new chapter in the big book of pool world history, as once again, a new pool association springs forth. Who knows what the future may bring. Also listen in as Mark Cantrill and Johnny Archer take a walk down memory lane in this week’s #LegendsAndChampions report.

Show Features: Johnny Archer, Mark Cantrill, Adrianne Beach, Mike Howerton, David “Mr. Bond”

Running Time: 1:14